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Shallow Parts of Your Ocean 05/13/2011





I feel the blow before it comes,

Insecurely waiting for the

charge of your waves,

they strike me and

I fall under.


My lungs struggle for breath,

as I sink under your salty blue.

Fallen to the bottom of your rush,

too much to bare.


Force me back to shore,

to the shadow of your tumultuous affection,

the gashes on my chest will heal.


Dare me to run into the deep.





Weed, Wine and Heart Break 02/02/2011


The night before,

you told her stories and watched her roll a perfect joint,

she was so determined to get it right you couldn’t tell if she was listening.


She poured herself a glass of wine,

half an hour later, she poured another.


You watched her wipe the spilled wine off her chest,

she knew you were looking.

Clumsy girl.


Buzzed and stoned,

you question,

if she’s the kind of girl you’d take home.


   Don’t pretend your heart wont ache when she’s gone,

she makes you laugh.


Leave the breaking up for the weed

The wine glass is still half full.


She heard every word you said that night




Puppet Master 09/06/2010

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If you had tiny strings attached to your wrist,

 I’d make you write me a love letter,

 to tell me that you can’t exist another minute without me.


I’d append minuscule strings to your heart,

make it beat a second faster,

at the sound of my voice,

 at the tang of my skin,

 at the stare of my eyes.


If you had string attached to your mind,

I’d make every thought,

every dream,

every desire,

about me.


 Will you be my puppeteer?

Say you will.




Heart to Heart with Brain 08/05/2010



Analyze all you want,

dear brain,

 your memories are warped.


I forgot about the pain infringed upon me. 


 Until the last drop of red propels through me,

I will love,



I am stronger.



The Warmth 06/01/2010

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The burn of your squint won’t let you make out


what lies ahead.


Flames of your desire,


will not be put out.


Cannot be put out.


The sun will burn you happy.


Smolder you happy.


Don’t ever give up on the brilliant light.


And when the skies fade to black,


keep chasing the sun.




Bag Lady 03/30/2010

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Her nose wrinkles when she smiles,

her black eyes watch your tired face,

lips as soft as organic cotton,

she murmurs used words,

“I love you.”


There was a time before her smile lit up your eyes,

there was a time before you.


All the things that got her to this point

she carries them with her.

Look at the marks on her hands, the load is that heavy.


Tired of pulling, she smiles,

and asks, “Don’t you love me back?”

And you tell her that you do.


Tell her that you wish she’d

leave the bags behind,

that the existence of her past is

not enough to love her entirely.


Tell her that her smile is not enough.



Man-eater 03/17/2010

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Monarch of her life.

possessor of her  body,

of her nights.




little boys,

don’t regret her or forget her.

Take pleasure in the experience,

let her calm your apprehensions.



Until the sun revels itself through her window,

you’re the owner of her pillow.

Entangled in her kiss,

prisoner of her lust,

of her touch.



Foolish boys,

will do anything for desire.

What a sinful game she plays