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Weed, Wine and Heart Break 02/02/2011


The night before,

you told her stories and watched her roll a perfect joint,

she was so determined to get it right you couldn’t tell if she was listening.


She poured herself a glass of wine,

half an hour later, she poured another.


You watched her wipe the spilled wine off her chest,

she knew you were looking.

Clumsy girl.


Buzzed and stoned,

you question,

if she’s the kind of girl you’d take home.


   Don’t pretend your heart wont ache when she’s gone,

she makes you laugh.


Leave the breaking up for the weed

The wine glass is still half full.


She heard every word you said that night




Kettle One 10/11/2010

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Go in and let my secrets out.


Hardly drink,

but pour me another.

Bottoms up,

inhibitions down.


Tomorrow never came,

not worried if it ever will.

Today I’m here with you,

the best I ever had.


I’m drunk on mind freedom,

with a splash of pineapple juice.