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My Valediction to Summer 09/07/2010



Let me inhale the air that you give,

feed off the energy you transport,

watch the pulsating colors you share,

one more moment.


The wind is gradually picking up now,

nonchalantly pushes at my back,

earliest warning of your departure.


There is no weeping,

no pleading,

for you to stay.

Please go,

in peace,

the same manner in which you came.


I’ll remain patient.

And in anticipation of your return,

you will be missed,

dear Summer.




The Warmth 06/01/2010

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The burn of your squint won’t let you make out


what lies ahead.


Flames of your desire,


will not be put out.


Cannot be put out.


The sun will burn you happy.


Smolder you happy.


Don’t ever give up on the brilliant light.


And when the skies fade to black,


keep chasing the sun.




Julian 05/11/2010

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I wonder what goes on 


behind your big brown eyes,


mischievous but so warm.


Hard days work,


but its all good.


I have my baby boys smile.


Your laughter makes home,





My feelings for the Ocean 04/16/2010


Thumping against

wet sand,

clouds feel my smile.

No longer



I was traumatized

from your drown.

Rejected you for so long,

but you embrace me

every time.


After all those years

I damned you.


Walking towards you,

leave my prints


the wind


plays with my hair.


And I

watch you,

wash away

my path.


You feel like



Blanket 02/19/2010

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My body was so cold, I shut

my eyes and slept the bitterness away.


Then one night

I felt your heat.

You kept me warm.

I felt your love engulf me

Your love came over me,

creeping over me.