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My Valediction to Summer 09/07/2010



Let me inhale the air that you give,

feed off the energy you transport,

watch the pulsating colors you share,

one more moment.


The wind is gradually picking up now,

nonchalantly pushes at my back,

earliest warning of your departure.


There is no weeping,

no pleading,

for you to stay.

Please go,

in peace,

the same manner in which you came.


I’ll remain patient.

And in anticipation of your return,

you will be missed,

dear Summer.




8 Responses to “My Valediction to Summer”

  1. Come to Singapore, there is eternal summer for you, my friend :3

  2. Nice one…you must really love summer.


  3. siubhan Says:

    reads like saying farewell to a lover… beautiful.

  4. wondrinsoul Says:

    loved how we don’t find out you are talking about summer until the end! good use of suspense 🙂

  5. buttercup600 Says:

    This was soooo well penned and beautifully expressed. I love summer too. Good writing!!x

  6. Morganna Says:

    I love the last line.

  7. Kavita Says:

    Awww…this was sweet! A perfect ode to Summer..
    The longing really shows here! Nicely described!! The year will fly by, and before you know, it will be summer again.. 🙂

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