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My feelings for the Ocean 04/16/2010


Thumping against

wet sand,

clouds feel my smile.

No longer



I was traumatized

from your drown.

Rejected you for so long,

but you embrace me

every time.


After all those years

I damned you.


Walking towards you,

leave my prints


the wind


plays with my hair.


And I

watch you,

wash away

my path.


You feel like



La Hispañola 04/06/2010

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American girl,

 but her parents

come from an island

 floating in the Caribbean.


Far away

from the native lands

 but the roots

have infiltrated the veins.


The mouth waters from the smell of

platano maduros.


Logic doesn’t matter,

the answer is in

the revelations of her sueños.


The intuition that guided

her abuela,

her mama

now her,

psychic at times.


Trained herself to be

calm & collected


shake her up

and the

Latin blood fizzles inside.