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Bag Lady 03/30/2010

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Her nose wrinkles when she smiles,

her black eyes watch your tired face,

lips as soft as organic cotton,

she murmurs used words,

“I love you.”


There was a time before her smile lit up your eyes,

there was a time before you.


All the things that got her to this point

she carries them with her.

Look at the marks on her hands, the load is that heavy.


Tired of pulling, she smiles,

and asks, “Don’t you love me back?”

And you tell her that you do.


Tell her that you wish she’d

leave the bags behind,

that the existence of her past is

not enough to love her entirely.


Tell her that her smile is not enough.



Man-eater 03/17/2010

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Monarch of her life.

possessor of her  body,

of her nights.




little boys,

don’t regret her or forget her.

Take pleasure in the experience,

let her calm your apprehensions.



Until the sun revels itself through her window,

you’re the owner of her pillow.

Entangled in her kiss,

prisoner of her lust,

of her touch.



Foolish boys,

will do anything for desire.

What a sinful game she plays




Seperation of Heart and Mind 03/12/2010


Neck is on the line and the time is ticking,


A White Rabbit nervously looks at his watch,


How did I fall down this hole?


“Off with her head!”




breath is sluggish.


It’s a new day in Wonderland.




The Ugly Duckling 03/01/2010


Crush, she never anticipated getting love in return.

All dolled up,

 but never prettier than the others.






The closest thing to a real kiss

was a chocolate shaped tear drop,

 covered in foil.


Spread wings,

 held above the back,

 like a shield.


Exposed heart,

love has not shied away since.