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Sail Away- A Short Story 01/28/2013

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I got stuck in traffic right by the Lincoln tunnel on my way to a first date as I sit in traffic the lights start becoming blurry and my mind moves fast unlike the traffic I’m in and the music in the car fades to silence and we’re drunk dancing in your kitchen to “Someone Like You” by Van Morrison. My mind flickers between dancing and sitting at the bar with you. Sitting at the bar, I asked you why you weren’t happy and you said, “I have my girl with me I am happy.”

If I could rewrite our story it would have ended the night that I cried to you over dinner, I would have stormed out of the restaurant hailed a cab to my car and never see you again. That night that I cried to you over dinner your eyes soften and it was a look you never gave me before and when we left we could barely get up the stairs to your apartment without ripping our clothes off. Just like that we were back to where we started.


I remember getting dressed at your place the morning of my birthday and the zipper on the back of my skirt was slightly open and you stopped me and pulled the zipper up and then kissed the back of my head.


“Our ships are sailing in two different directions.” That’s what you said to me in the middle of a busy mall parking lot, I left before my tear drops rolled below the rim of my sunglasses. It is a very tricky thing to hide real emotions. You confuse me.


Traffic has picked up and I’m jaded, I’m going on a date and thoughts of you are a wild fire in the halls of my mind, all I want is you.


Shallow Parts of Your Ocean 05/13/2011





I feel the blow before it comes,

Insecurely waiting for the

charge of your waves,

they strike me and

I fall under.


My lungs struggle for breath,

as I sink under your salty blue.

Fallen to the bottom of your rush,

too much to bare.


Force me back to shore,

to the shadow of your tumultuous affection,

the gashes on my chest will heal.


Dare me to run into the deep.





Weed, Wine and Heart Break 02/02/2011


The night before,

you told her stories and watched her roll a perfect joint,

she was so determined to get it right you couldn’t tell if she was listening.


She poured herself a glass of wine,

half an hour later, she poured another.


You watched her wipe the spilled wine off her chest,

she knew you were looking.

Clumsy girl.


Buzzed and stoned,

you question,

if she’s the kind of girl you’d take home.


   Don’t pretend your heart wont ache when she’s gone,

she makes you laugh.


Leave the breaking up for the weed

The wine glass is still half full.


She heard every word you said that night




Kettle One 10/11/2010

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Go in and let my secrets out.


Hardly drink,

but pour me another.

Bottoms up,

inhibitions down.


Tomorrow never came,

not worried if it ever will.

Today I’m here with you,

the best I ever had.


I’m drunk on mind freedom,

with a splash of pineapple juice.




My Valediction to Summer 09/07/2010



Let me inhale the air that you give,

feed off the energy you transport,

watch the pulsating colors you share,

one more moment.


The wind is gradually picking up now,

nonchalantly pushes at my back,

earliest warning of your departure.


There is no weeping,

no pleading,

for you to stay.

Please go,

in peace,

the same manner in which you came.


I’ll remain patient.

And in anticipation of your return,

you will be missed,

dear Summer.




Puppet Master 09/06/2010

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If you had tiny strings attached to your wrist,

 I’d make you write me a love letter,

 to tell me that you can’t exist another minute without me.


I’d append minuscule strings to your heart,

make it beat a second faster,

at the sound of my voice,

 at the tang of my skin,

 at the stare of my eyes.


If you had string attached to your mind,

I’d make every thought,

every dream,

every desire,

about me.


 Will you be my puppeteer?

Say you will.




In a Dash 08/11/2010

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Not bound to stay but

never compelled to leave.


At the drop of a dime,


too soon.